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Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Plant medicine is probably the earliest and certainly most enduring form of healing. Over the millennia, Chinese Herbalism has been refined and adjusted to meet the needs of modern life. Herbs support and boost our bodies' own healing ability. For the person who is struggling with illness or imbalances, Chinese herbs are a powerful healing tool. Herbs can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture. Herbs are 100% natural and include flowers, roots, leaves, seeds, nuts, fruits and minerals.

                                  Custom Formulas
Each herb patient has the option of receiving a customized blend of herbs based on classical formulas. A thorough one hour diagnosis will determine the best combination of herbs for each patient's unique situation. A major advantage to customized formulas is that they can be fine-tuned as symptoms clear. Typically, the formula is comprised of raw herbs that the patient takes home and brews into a tea which is taken daily as Ki prescribes. Some patients prefer to take their herbs in powder form, and others prefer capsules or pills.

Herbal formulas are also available in liquid form, making them easier for pediatric patients to take. 

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