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Seven week introductory course to the Five Elements

Class Details

Fridays, Mar. 22 - May 3
5:30 - 7 PM
early bird (until 3/15): $175 
regular: $200

Location: 1110 Rose Hill Dr
(or Zoom)

To register, send payment via Venmo to: @bluegreendragon
or email
to arrange a different payment method

Join us for a dive into the elements! In this course we will introduce you to the Five Element theory of Chinese medicine. We'll focus on the nature of each element, understanding its energetics and relationship to the other four, and learning to recognize the appearance of the constitutional element in ourselves and others.

Who is this class for? 
Health care professionals of any description, and anyone else who is interested! No prior knowledge about Chinese medicine is required. If you work in health care, the Five Element perspective might help you have a different lens on your patients/clients. If you're working on your own healing, it can help you understand yourself better and give you a clearer sense of the work you are doing. Or perhaps you're wondering whether a career in acupuncture might be for you. 

What we will cover:

Week 1: Brief history of Chinese Medicine
              Differences in perspective between Chinese and Western medicine
              Overview of the elements and their relationships
              The concept of the constitutional element and how to recognize it
Weeks 2-6: Deeper dive into each element
                     Understanding the energetics of the elements
                     Exercises and games to see those energetics in action
                     Discussion of the inner nature of some of the acupuncture points
                        belonging to each element

Week 7: Participants will observe a sample patient intake, followed by discussion
              and analysis

Instructors: Ki Ennes, M.Ac, L.Ac & Gryphon Corpus, M.Ac, L.Ac
                      Visit our home page to learn more about us. 

I took the 5 Element Class with Blue Green Dragon. It proved to be very helpful for me in dealing with individuals and how to better serve them. We learned our own Element as well and that has been an eye opener for sure. The class was very well taught and organized and I was intrigued at every class. I enjoyed it immensely and the journey it has taken me on. I highly recommend anyone take this class and learn from it all that you can. I'm still learning and I love it. There's still so much to learn, I didn't get it all but it's so worth it when it starts to click. I will continue to learn from it.  Do yourself a favor and learn about yourself. I would definitely recommend this class!

Robin B.

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